Does your New Year wish list acquires purchasing of a projector?? And for that reason, you have been on constant contemplating picking the one that meets your needs perfectly but with the most affordable price tag. In that case, we must say, you are at the right place. We have been here to facilitate our readers with authentic information regarding tech products, so they can grab the one that is “JUST PERFECT” for them. Today, after 32 hours of research and uncountable hours of testing, we get succeeded in compiling a list of best projectors under $200. Isn’t it affordable?? Well, we hope it can be the best ever pick of your life!

We understand that getting a projector for your office or home can be really challenging and you must be struggling with numerous thoughts, especially when you are seeking for high-quality entertainment that has low price tag. Having plenty of sizes, brands, and even resolution specifications to pick from, there is no wonder the selection process can get a bi overwhelming.

Luckily, for the ones who are unable (or not so willing) to sit for hours to compare one projector to another, we have smartly resolved this whole propaganda of choosing the right projector. Today, after 32 hours research and uncountable hours of testing, we get succeeded in compiling a list of projectors that are under $200. Isn’t it affordable?? Well, we hope it can be the best ever pick of your life!

Scroll down to check out list of best projector under $200! 

DBPOWER T21 LED Projector

This LED-based projector price is hugely affordable; now let’s explore all the positive yet negative aspects regarding DBPOWER T21 1800 Lumen LED projector. Start the journey while going through some important specification of this LED projector, which are:

Imaging technology: TFT LCD, Brightness: 1800 lumens

Screen size: 32-176 inches

Throw distance: 1.5-5M

Aspect ratio: 16:10

Native resolution: 800×480 pixels

Screen size: 32-176 inches

Contrast: 1000:1

Keystone: Manual correction 15°

Projection ratio: 1.4:1

Screen size: 32-176 inches

Supported resolution: 1920×1080 pixels

The whole kit of DBPOWER T21 comes with a composite video cable, height screw, HDMI cable, power cord, remote and manual. The lens cap will already be attached to the projector. If, in case, you can’t find the remote or while on a go when you forgot picking up the remote, you can easily use 9 push buttons on the top side of this product to use LED project conveniently. On the left wall of DBPOWER T21 projector you can have headphone output, SD card slot, USB charging port, Composite video input, USB port, and HDMI port. 

A Fact to Consider While Making Purchase: When we tested this smart looking LED projector, so it was clearly observed that while the lights in the room were on, the image or video got easily washed out. Whereas, when we turned off the lights, the video and images became much clearer. 

Another factor we must put light on: since the native resolution of DBPOWER T21 projector is just 800×480, it’s obvious to expect some strange or jagged scaling artifacts as they will happen. In this scenario, you recommend you not to use the DBPOWER T21 LED projector for power point presentations or projecting a web page from a laptop. 

However, the Amazon page reminders have also indicated towards the same saying “Not recommended for word, PPT, business or excel presentations.” For better results you need to be able to dim the lights of the room completely. So, if you want to watch and enjoy simple video or movie while controlling your ambient lightening, then DBPOWER T21 LED is most affordable yet simple to use projector. 

Price of this DBPOWER T21 LED Projector is $102.99

Blusmart LED-9400 Mini Portable Home Video Projector

The Blusmart LED-9400 Mini Portable Home Video Projector is claimed to be the brightest one among all the other LED projectors. And the claims can be really believed as the makers have used some innovative technology, which are 2000 lumens of brightness and 2000:1 contrast ratio to keep the videos/movies brighter than ever and more intense. Apart from just making claims, mentioned below are the technical specifications this Blusmart LED-9400 projector has:

Physical Resolution: 800 * 480 pixels, ideal to complete HD (1080p)

Voltage: 90-240V/ 50-60Hz

Keystone Correction: ± 15 ° Integrated Stereo Speaker: 4?, 5W with SRS Noise

Contrast Ratio: 2000:1, dynamic approximately 1000:1

Throw ratio: Based 1.38:1

Forecast Size: 28-180″, Range: 3.93-18ft

Brightness: 2000 ANSI LM, with  Luminescent effectiveness, 220 lux peak brightness

Sound: In st.d-mode 32dB

Light Life: approximately 50,000 hours

Input/Output: VGA/AV/Audio/ HDMI/USB

The stuff you get within the package of this mini projector are obviously the Blusmart LED-9400 projector, remote controller, HDMI cable, power adapter, 3 in 1 AV cable, and user manual. This brightest mini projector has modern design and is simple to setup and easy to use. It is equipped with USB port, the 3,5mm jack for headphones, slot for SD card, TV/AV/HDMI/VGA inputs that easily allow reproduction of any content practically. 

Things to remember while making purchase: 

Tho, the projector has built in speakers, but the quality of its speakers isn’t that good.  So, for better sound quality you must need to own speakers that will not mess up the whole fun and entertainment scenario

In order to get better results, you need to follow the recommended size of screen projection, which is 30-100 inches. You need to adjust suitable distance, but never cross the maximum screen projection limit that is 150

It is NOT RECOMEMNDED for office use. Its isn’t a perfect pick for word, excel, PPT, or any business presentation

Have bombastic cinema experience with Blusmart LED-9400: But to avail this experience, we highly recommend switching off lights while watching videos or movie. This projector has native resolution of 800*480 pixels. Whereas the extreme approved resolution of an input signal is 1080p. 

So, without a doubt, if your pocket allows you, this can be a perfect purchase to convert your home or any other place into cinema without much effort.

Price of this Blusmart LED-9400 Mini Projector is $129.68

GooBang Doo ABOX T22 with 2400 Lumens

It’s the perfect projector when you in need of having the one that can work really well with the computers, fire stick, or usually any device with a video out. The excellent picture quality of this device will allow you to enjoy every little detail with variation of color, beautiful definition, and clarity. Other than its amazing technical features, the exterior build of GooBang Doo ABOX Projector is glossy white with a sturdy and hard cover that makes it less prone to scratches and dust.Before jumping into some hugely appreciable features of this projector, we have mentioned the specifications, here you go: 

Power Supply: 100-240V, AC 50/60 Hz

Work Noise: =<15dB

Power: 50W,  Lumen: 2400

Music Format: MP3, WAV, M4A, FLAC, OGG

Lamp: LED,  Lamp Life: 50000 hours

Video Format: MPG, AVI, TS, MOV, DAT, MP4, VOB 

Contrast Ratio: 2000:1

Native Resolution: 800*480, compatible for 1920*1080p

Image Format: JPG, GIF, BMP, TIFF

Support image zoom, 360 degrees flip and full screen

Aspect Ratio: 4:3/16:9 

Things that you will get in this projector’s package are: ABOX projector, remote controller, 3 in 1 AV cable, HDMI cable, use manual, and power adapter. 

Features that make ABOX T22 projector one of its kind:

The result of this projector is brighter than the ordinary ones, as they are more vivd. Makers have used advanced LED technology which in provides better brightness view on screen with 2400 Lumens

It has great support projection size, which is from 32 to 176 inches. Although, the best projection distance is 2m with projection size of almost 80 inches. In this way, you can protect your eyes while enjoying movies on large screen

It has HIFI level stereo speakers for great sound effects

Almost any device can get connected to ABOX T22 Projector. From android phones to tablets, to laptops to MacBook to iPad, you can connect any device with the projector and enjoy movies, videos with kids, family, or friends. 

Price of this GooBang Doo ABOX Projector  is $169.99

GooDee Portable Movie Projector 

The GooDee portable Movie Projector is a mid-priced projector that truly aims to turn any room of your home into a small movie theater. It’s a compact one, but still not exactly a hand-held device. In simple, you will get few extra lumens in exchange of few extra inches in this projector’s size. It has 3200 (non-ANSI) lumens, which makes it one of the brightest projector models we have tested so far. Users can also get a built in media player and perfect HD resolution (720p). 

And, of course, for this price tag, projector’s specifications are quite impressive. However, we tried our level best to feature every aspect of GooDee projector to guide our visitors in best way possible. Scroll down to explore more about the projector. 

The projector offer great multimedia support that has:

Dual HDMI & USB ports design makes it more convenient for you to use

E-book read: TXT/ LRC and others

Movie format support: AV/TS/ DAT/ MPG/MKV/ MP4/VOB / MOV/ 1080P Level (Maximum resolution)

Picture format: GIF/JPG/BMP/JPEG/ GIF/PNG/ formats picture browsing

Audio format: MP3/AAC/WMA/ M4A

E-book read: TXT/ LRC etc

The package includes GooDee Home Video Projector, HDMI Cable, VGA Cable, AV 3 in 1 Cable, Remote Control, Projector Lens Cap, and User Manual.

Aspects that Make GooDee Projector Must to Have:

It has HIFI level stereo speakers, which are built-in

You can easily connect your iPad or any smartphone using HDMI adapter

It allows you to experience big screen entertainment as it has Keystone Correction: ±15° (vertical), aspect Ratio: 4:3/16:9, number of Colors: 1.07 Billion, projection Size: 35-180″, projector Distance: 1.2m-8.5m

This projector has a native resolution of 1280×800

For great results manage screen sizes between 32 and 180 inches

Brightness and Bulb Life of GooDee Projector is Extraordinary

Its LED light source consumes less energy as compare to the other lamp-based projectors. This device is mercury free too and offers up to 30k hours’ lamp life. In this case, it will surely last fir more than 20 years when used 4 hours per day.

Price of this GooDee Home Video Projector is $189.99

RAGU Z720 Video Projector 

The RAGU Z720 Video Projector is surely one of the best projectors having decent picture quality that you badly need when in mood of enjoy movie time with friend and family at home. It has great display quality and the resolution of projectile seems quite legit; you won’t even need to have white curtains to get clear image. Having 4 times better resolution than full HD, this projector offers 0.92 million pixels for images and videos. This is why the experience of watching movies and images on RAGU Z720 Video Projector is exceptionally lifelike; you will feel you are it.

Especially, when we talk about a projector whose balance is great between portability and performance, the list can’t be completed without having RAGU Z720 Video Projector in it.

RAGU Z720 Video Projector Package Include:

RAGU Z720 Projector

User Manual

Power Cord

Remote Control

VGA Cable

AV Cable

HDMI Cable

The RAGU Z720 Video Projector will come with all the cables that you will need to connect this projector to your iPad and smartphones. In this way, you don’t need to purchase any adapter or any cable to connect your devices.

Features that Make RAGU Z720 Video Extraordinary:

Contrast of 10,000:1 makes every single scene spring into life having realism and fine details

To get perfect vibrant colors and inky blacks perfectly, its powerful video processor is combined with lens iris control

The makers claim that RAGU Z720 HD projector has 50% upgraded brightness than basic ones

It isn’t highly recommended for presentations, such as: Excel, PDF, and Text files

This ultimate projector’s lamp life is more than 30,000 hours. 

Price of this RAGU Z720 Video Projector is $199.68

DIWUER Full HD 1080P

This wireless projector is what you actually need while going on adventurous trips or exploring new places or going on vacations. It’s highly suitable for outdoor parties and travel camping because of its ultra-light weight. DIWUER Full HD 1080P can easily be carried in a backpack wherever you go. Its specifications will surely make you admire DIWUER Full HD 1080P. 

Here we are going to mention its specifications, which are: Product type: Home Theater Wireless Video Projector,Brightness Uniformity: 90%, Display Technology: LCD, Contrast: 1200:1, Brightness Uniformity: 90% , Standard Resolution: 800*480, Compatible Resolution: HD 1080P, Brightness: 1200 piex Lumens (about 120 ansi lumen), Keystone Correction: 15 degree, Projection Mode: Front Projection ,rear projection, table top, Power: 110-240V~50/60HZ, Speaker: Built-in Stereo Speaker, Fan: Double, high power silent turbo fans, Product Size: 208*165*80 mm, Product Weight: 940 g, Package Size: 295*195*115 mm, Package Weight: 1.31 kg(about 2 Pounds)

DIWUER Full HD 1080P is a wireless wifi projector that gets connected to android smartphones and iPhone under WIFI environment, so users can enjoy movies and videos on big screen using their phones. Even it can get easily connected to other devices, such as:

Gaming systems

DVD players

PlayStation PS3 and PS4




Price of this DIWUER Full HD 1080P is $109.99

ELEPHAS 1080P HD LED Movie Projector

If you are in search of a projector that is quiet, super lightweight, good looking, great quality, easy to use and most of all can be used without a power cord, then ELEPHAS 1080P HD LED Movie Projector is the one you should go for. The best part is that its fan isn’t loud so you can’t get disturbed while watching movies. 

Incredible Aspects of Having ELEPHAS 1080P HD LED

From watching movies to watching football match to playing video games, ELEPHAS 1080P HD LED Movie Projector has everything to entertain you at its best. It is equipped with native 1280 ×800 pixels resolution screen and 3300 luminous efficiency LED light native. 

It has 10000:1 contrast ratio and super color technology amazingly delivers superior picture color. Users can also adjust image size from 33”~180”

This projector has an advanced cooling system and also equipped with heat dispersion. Its fan noise is only 32db, in this case, the fan sound can be as a high quality laptop and lower than other normal LED projector

The HDMI cable will come with in the package of ELEPHAS 1080P HD LED Movie Projector

The projector has built-in SRS sound and amplifier chip, which will provide larger voice as compare to other projectors

It has strong connectivity. Feel easy as you can connect all smartphones and android devices to the projector without any mess

ELEPHAS 1080P HD LED Movie Projector has impressive extended lam life, which is 50,000 hours. It can last more than 15 years, if get used 8 hours on daily basis

It can be conveniently used from front, ceiling, rear projection

ELEPHAS 1080P HD LED Movie Projector Package will include:

ELEPHAS 1080P HD LED Movie Projector, AC Power Cable, Remote control, Video Cable, User Manual, HDMI Cable, Cleaning cloth, Foot Adjuster    

Price of this ELEPHAS 1080P HD LED Movie Projector is $192.99

Final Verdict

Arguably, a quality projector serves your entertainment needs. Whether it’s watching movie, playing games, or use it for presentations, you need a projector that can meet your needs at its best without asking you to spend a fortune.

Although, each projector listed above is great investment for the purpose it is suggested for, there are two winners. One has quitter lower price tag, whereas other one has some amazing features and that is why it has a bit higher price tag.

Blusmart LED-9400 Mini ProjectorHaving Price Tag of $102.99

GooBang Doo ABOX Projector  Having Price Tag of $169.99

Both Projectors are perfect when you want to turn your house into a mini theater. You can checkout their specifications and other incredible features to pick the one that suits perfectly to your needs.