Best Pens to Write on Fabric 2020 [Top 2 Products]

Alapaste Acrylic Paint Pens Set Permanent Acrylic Paint Marker Pens with Sketch PapersThe usage of pens to write on fabric is one of the most accessible and most useful ways to start colorful drawing or make patterns on your old items.

Through the help of the best pens to write on fabric, you can make different sketches, patterns, doodle, or even though, draw any of your favorite drawings without any difficulty.

You can achieve your target of transforming old fabric into a new one just by the help of the best pens to write on the fabric where you may also get the best permanent fabric markers as well in the market.

Using fabric markers are a kind of fun activity as well which can allow you to spend a lot of time to make some creative designs on your T-shirts, denim, or even on the other materials as well.

Make your kids busy with the best pens to write on fabric as that can be a fun activity to a whole family. So, enjoy the moments ahead with the fabric pens that can be easily accessible from anywhere in the market, but if you haven’t sure about the quality, then you must read out these below mention reviews to get the best pen ahead.

Fityle 4 Set Waterproof Marker Paint Pens, Water Based Paint Marker, Writes on Almost Anything,

So, here are the excellent set of pens marker for you which gives you the smooth writing moments on paper, as well as provide you with the comfortable hand feel, ink waterproof, give you the bright handwriting, and of course, reliable hiding power.

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However, the pens are made with the sturdy material to give you the clear pointing tip so that you can perform your work on different surfaces like on the glass, on any clothing material, and you can even create doodles on the pictures.

With the help of these painter’s paint pens, you can manage to further draw on porcelain, metal, mug, ceramic, leather, canvas, paper, wood, rock, brick, metal, plastic and any fabric.

This will surely be the best choice for you to start creating some activity now and make your old stuff into a new one.

Paint Pens, Shuttle Art 26 Colors Acrylic Paint Markers, Low-Odor Water-Based Quick Dry Paint Markers for Rock, Wood, Metal, Plastic, Glass, Canvas, Ceramic
  • MULTIPLE-COLORS : Shuttle Art 26 acrylic paint markers set contains 24 vibrant colors to choose from and 2 cool metallic colors:metallic gold ,metallic silver.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY &MULTIPLE-USES: Water-based and highly pigmented ink makes it can go on any surfaces smoothly and dry within minutes. Besides they are permanent, water resistant and UV resistant that makes your art project looks great for a long time without worrying about color fading.You can enjoy creating art projects on almost all surfaces like rocks paper, rubber, wood, metal, canvas, glass,ceramic and so on.(Glass & ceramic need baking to keep the color permanent.)
  • DURABLE FINE WORKING TIPS: Durable 1.2mm Fine Tip makes it can paint on smaller stuff without hassle. To prevent pens from drying, please recap after used.
  • SAFE: The acrylic paint markers are Low-odor, Non-toxic, Acid-Free, Conforms to ASTM D-4236 . It is really ideal for artist ,art students, teenagers and adults.
  • SERVICE GUARANTEE: Your satisfaction is our top priority, please rest assured to purchase our products. If you are not satisfied with our products or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Quick features:•

Comfortable hand feels: the vivid colors of the pens will surely inspire your imagination and allow you to design whatever you want with a comfortable hand touch.

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Perfect for any surface: yes, you can use the pens for drawing onto Anything you want, like you can draw on ceramic, metal, denim, and much more without any issue.

• Acid-free: these acrylic paint markers made with the use of Water-Based Ink, comes with the ability of acid-free feature, and of course, safe for the kids as well.

• Safe for kids
• Acid-free
• Non-toxic
• Water-based ink
• Need to press hard for the ink flow.

Alapaste Acrylic Paint Pens Set Permanent Acrylic Paint Marker Pens with Sketch Papers

You will surely love to use these durable and safe best pens to write on fabric. As the pens are wonderful in their nib and offer you with the feature of water-based opaque acrylic paintbrush pens that are made with the non-toxic and as well as with the acid-free material.

You can feel the real smoothness and comfortably when you hold the markers in your hands as they are soft in the upper material and offer you with a feature to further paint lots of things.

Opaque ink will provide you with strong coverage, and of course, there would be no mess, lightfast, and waterproof.

Made with the premium quality material of the Acrylic paint pen set, that offers you with a fast-drying option, you can easily use it on most surfaces.

Always get the smooth Writing experience with the best pens that can be able to write or draw things on stone, paper, rubber, wood, ceramics, and much more.

Quick features:

• Smooth writing: experience the smooth writing with the sharp nip pens that can be worked perfectly on many surfaces like canvas, glass, and as well as on the plastic.

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• Rich and colorful: available with a variety of colors that could be rich enough to draw Anything with the perfection of clarity.

• Fast-drying: the pens markers are too good for hurry-up people who always want to dry things quickly so that this pen will help them a lot.
• Fast drying
• Safe for kids
• Rich in colors
• Smooth writing
• The colors are too glossy.

Arteza Acrylic Paint Markers, Set of 40 Assorted Color Pens, Replaceable Tips, Water-Based, Art Supplies for Rocks, Canvas, Glass, ,Pottery and Plastic
  • Acrylic Markers in Bold Colors: Enjoy hours of fun with this set of 40 brilliant and opaque paint markers in 37 standard colors plus 3 metallics.
  • For Rock Painting & More: These smooth, water-based paint markers can be used for canvas, ceramic surfaces, glass, wood, stone, and plastic.
  • Easy-to-Use Paint Pens: The fine point tip is well-suited for precise work or hand-lettering. Never worry about wasting ink with the 40 replaceable chisel tips (plus tweezers) included in the set.
  • Quick-Drying & Water-Based: No noxious fumes from these low-odor markers. They dry fast, are UV-resistant and acid-free for years of sustained beauty.
  • 100% Guaranteed: We're sure you'll love your Arteza Acrylic Markers, but if you have any problems, just let us know & we'll send you a free replacement pack.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do paint pens work on fabric?
A. Fabric markers and as well as the paint pens will surely provide you with excellent control over your work; they can work correctly with the help of stencils, you can even use them on fabrics.

2. What can I use to write on fabric?
A. Well, there are so many options for you to write something on your fabric. Like you can take help with colorful “buttons” or if you want to save time, then choose the best pens to write on fabric.

3. Do fabric pens work on black?
A. Fabric paint markers or pens will purposely allow you to write Anything directly on the fabric easily, so if you want to write it on black, then you should probably need a light color paint pen so that it can show up on the dark black fabric.

4. What can I use to write on black fabric?
A. If the surface of your fabric is black, then you should go to choose the light colors of paint pens, or you can also select the brighter ones who can show up on the black. Glossy and glitters pens also work well on the black.


The fabric pens or markers would have become so popular nowadays, even in the schools and colleges for students’ activities. So, if you want to experience something unique, you should get the best pens for your fabric.
However, always make sure to choose the pens which are applicable to write or draw on any surface, not just on fabrics. And of course, the pens should be acid-free and non-toxic for the use of children.

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