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10 Best SSDs External Hard Drive for the MAC M1 2023

SSD External Hard Drives are an essential part of Mac computing. These external hard drives allow you to store your personal files and documents on them, in addition to any other needed software that is compatible with MACs.

#1. SanDisk 1TB Extreme Portable SSD

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This is a high-speed USB-C drive that is significantly faster than the average SSD. The drive has a low profile, which makes it easy to carry around and use on any computer.

The SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD gives you an easy way to carry all your data with you. It has a low profile, which means it will fit in your bag without taking up too much space. This flash drive also features fast read speeds, making it perfect for transferring large files. While the write speeds are not as high as some other drives, this one is still speedy enough to handle most needs.

This portable SSD offers an affordable way to store all your data and take it with you wherever you go.

[i2pc pros_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-up” cons_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-down” show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]The benefits of this flash drive are that it is a solid-state drive which means that it can be a lot faster than a traditional hard drive. It also has a USB-C port which makes it much more portable and compatible with newer devices.

One major benefit is that it is much faster than a traditional hard drive, so if speed is what you’re looking for, then this product may be the one for you. If you have an older device and want to use this SSD with your computer, then keep in mind that you may need some extra adapters or cables in order to make use.[/i2pros][i2cons]The cons of this device are that the price is very high for the amount of storage you get and if you have an older device, you will need to provide an adapter or cable for it to work.[/i2cons][/i2pc]

#2. SAMSUNG T7 Portable SSD 500GB -Best portable ssd

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SAMSUNG T7 Portable SSD 500GB – Up to 1050MB/s is a device that you can carry with you everywhere. It is an external storage device that offers the best performance of up to 1050 MB/s. It comes with a USB-C port and a separate USB-A 3.1 port, so it is compatible with most computers and laptops on the market today.

This portable SSD provides an additional storage space for your data, and it lets you enjoy fast operations thanks to its support for UASP protocol. The SAMSUNG T7 Portable SSD 500GB – Up to 1050MB/s also has Military Grade Encryption which makes it safe from security breaches on public networks, as well as AES 256-bit hardware encryption and TCG Opal 2.0.

[i2pc show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]- 7mm height and compact size
– Storage Capacity of 500GB
– Reliable due to AES 256-bit hardware encryption
[/i2pros][i2cons]- No USB 3.0 connection[/i2cons][/i2pc]

#3. SAMSUNG T5 Portable SSD 2TB – External hard drive mac

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Samsung T5 Portable SSD is a 2TB external SSD with USB 3.1 interface. The SSD uses M.2 form factor that makes it very easy to install in computers with small form factors like laptops or ultrabooks. This drive offers a fast data transfer rate of 540MB/s and a sequential read speed of up to 500MB/s.

The Samsung T5 Portable SSD is an ideal external drive for users who are looking for high speed, portable storage that can be easily shared across multiple devices as well as portable enough to take along on their travels.

[i2pc show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Superfast read-write speeds of up to 540 MB/s.
Top to bottom metal design that fits in the palm of your hand.
Optional password protection and AES 256-bit hardware encryption.
Includes USB type C to C and USB type C to A cables. Shock resistance.[/i2pros][i2cons]Little Expensive[/i2cons][/i2pc]


#4. G-Technology 4TB ArmorATD All

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G-Technology 4TB ArmorATD All-Terrain Rugged Portable External Hard Drive is a portable external hard drive with a USB-C and USB 3.1. This ensures easy file transfer on any device, anywhere.

The G-Technology 4TB ArmorATD All-Terrain Rugged Portable External Hard Drive is made with durable rubber, metal, and plastic to withstand any conditions. It also comes with an integrated cable wrap to keep the cord handy and out of the way when on the move.

[i2pc show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]This is a portable external hard drive that is water, shock, and dust resistant. It’s also nearly indestructible and will protect all the data you store on it.
-Water resistant -Shock resistant -Dust resistant -Compact size -Lightweight
[/i2pros][i2cons]-No built-in SD card slot
-No USB C adapter

#5. Seagate Barracuda Fast SSD 1TB

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Seagate has released a new high performance external SSD, the Barracuda Fast SSD 1TB. This SSD is the successor to the Barracuda XT.

The Barracuda Fast SSD is designed for speed and performance, with speeds of up to 545MB/s read and 520 MB/s write. The Seagate’s innovative storage technologies make it possible for this fast external drive to achieve these high speeds. With the help of these technologies, even when you are using it on a laptop or desktop computer, it will be able to achieve these speeds without slowing down your PC performance at all.

[i2pc show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]High-performance and power-efficient storage for a desktop, gaming console, or portable.
Simple and compact design with sleek LED accent light. Get the best of both performance and design.
[/i2pros][i2cons]Dont Have USB-C USB 3.1[/i2cons][/i2pc]

#6. WD_BLACK 5TB P10 Game Drive

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WD Black 5TB P10 Game Drive is the best external hard drive to store all of your data and games. It has a large storage space, which is perfect for gamers that want to store all their favorite games on one device; there is no need for multiple devices.

This WD External Hard Drive has a large storage space. It can hold up to 5TB of data, which is enough for storing downloads, movies and games on one device, without having to switch devices or worry about running out of space.

It also offers a USB 3.0 interface with speeds up to 120MB/s allowing users to transfer files quickly and efficiently from the hard drive with ease and without interruption. The WD Black 5TB P10 Game Drive also comes equipped with two-year limited warranty.

The WD Black Portable External Hard Drive HDD sports a sleek metal design that will look great in any environment, whether it’s at work or at home. With its small size and durable casing, this external hard drive can go everywhere you go without taking up much space in your bag or on your desk top.

[i2pc show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]1) Data transfer: The WD BLACK 5TB P10 Game Drive has a relatively fast speed in data transfer rate up to 6 Gbps.
users can enjoy lag-free playback from their device while transferring data with less than one minute for 4K videos or around 12 minutes for 1080p files to be fully transferred on the drive from an external device like a laptop or pc.[/i2pros][i2cons]Expensive for Normal user[/i2cons][/i2pc]

#7. Seagate Portable 5TB External Hard Drive HDD

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Seagate’s newest addition to their external hard drive family is the Seagate Portable 5TB External Hard Drive. This one is different than any other because of its size. It is the first of its kind to have this much storage space for a device that is so small and portable.

It’s compatible with all laptops and desktops, so you don’t need a specific type of computer in order to use it. The company also offers custom software that runs on Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems. The company also offers a two-year warranty with this product, which they don’t usually do with their other products.

[i2pc show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]It is lightweight, durable, and easy to use.
It has a 2.5-inch form factor as opposed to the 3.5-inch form factor that other external hard drives have, which makes it easier to carry around in your backpack or laptop bag.
This Seagate External Hard Drive is very durable because its body is made of steel and there are rubber gaskets around the USB and power ports for protection from water or dust.[/i2pros][i2cons]material is normal and you’ll have to handle it carefully

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#8. WD 2TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive HDD

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The Western Digital 2TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive is a reliable option for those who want to store their files in a safe and organized manner.

This device is affordable, compact, and easy to use. It also has an elegant design which will suit any office desk or home office. The Western Digital 2TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive is available in two colors: black and silver.

The Western Digital 2TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive includes features that help it be one of the best devices of its kind on the market. Its compatibility with MacOS, Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP operating systems makes it one of the most versatile drives on the market today. This device is also compatible with USB 3.0 technology which provides fast data transfer rates.

[i2pc show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]WD is one of the leading brands in the hard drive industry. Their 2TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive HDD is an example of a high-quality product that’s worth your money.
The WD 2TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive HDD also provides convenience for those who need mobility and portability in their technology devices. [/i2pros][i2cons]2tb Is Small For Heavy users[/i2cons][/i2pc]


#9. Crucial X8 2TB Portable SSD 

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The Crucial X8 2TB Portable SSD is a great choice for those who need a fast PC, laptop, or tablet. The 480GB model offers an incredible read speed of up to 515 MB/s and write speed of up to 530 MB/s.

The Crucial X8 2TB Portable SSD has been tested by many tech enthusiasts and it has been found to be very fast in comparison to other brands. The reason that this drive is so popular among tech enthusiasts is because it comes with a 2-year warranty which means that you don’t have any worries about the drive breaking on you in the near future.

This storage device can also keep your data safe from an accidental deletion or power loss which is another reason why tech enthusiasts are happy with this product.

[i2pc show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]The World’s Fastest USB-C SSD. Enough said.
The first drive to ship with the new USB Type-C connectors, supporting the most recent USB 3.1 Gen2 standard and backwards compatibility with older standards for both connectors.
With performance up to 1050 MB/s read speeds, easily handle large files and multi-tasking without slowing down.
Durable design made of a durable zinc alloy core with drop protection up to 6 feet and a sturdy aluminum outer shell[/i2pros][i2cons]Expensive As Compared To Other Drives[/i2cons][/i2pc]

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#10. Toshiba Canvio Flex 4TB Portable External Hard Drive

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[amazon fields=”B08DDC36S1″ value=”button”]

Toshiba presents the Canvio Flex 4TB Portable External Hard Drive with a sleek, smooth design and powerful performance.

The Toshiba Canvio Flex 4TB Portable External Hard Drive is one of the fastest ways to transfer your files. With a USB 3.0 interface, this Toshiba external hard drive can transfer data at speeds up to 5 Gbps. It’s compatible with USB 2.0 interfaces but will only be able to perform at speeds up to 480Mbps or 12MBps.

The Toshiba Canvio external hard drive comes with 20GB of cloud storage, which can be accessed via the free Toshiba Online Backup app on iOS and Android devices or through any web browser for remote access from any location in the world (requires internet connection).

The Toshiba Canvio Flex 4TB Portable External Hard Drive can be used for any device with a USB port. Use it to back up your computer, share files with friends, and transfer data from one device to another. The drive is lightweight and durable for on-the-go use.

It is compatible with PC and Mac computers as well as game consoles and other devices that use USB ports. You can also take advantage of the included USB 3.0 cable to plug directly into your computer or connect an additional hard drive via the attached power supply cord for increased storage capacity.

In summary, this portable hard drive offers you a high-capacity storage solution in a lightweight package that’s easy to take wherever you go!

[i2pc show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Designed for PC, Mac, and Tablet (check compatibility at Toshiba’s Consumer HDD website).
Formatted exFAT for cross-device compatibility
USB-C ready, USB 3.0 compatible.
Versatile design. Includes USB-C and USB-A cables.
3-year manufacturer’s limited warranty [/i2pros][i2cons]Don’t Have 3.1 usb compatibility.[/i2cons][/i2pc]

Hard drive vs SSD: which is best?

Hard drives are more expensive and less reliable than SSDs. It is therefore best to purchase an SSD for your computer.

Hard drives are the most common storage devices in use today, used by computers of all sizes to store the data we generate every day. However, with the invention of solid-state drives (SSDs), hard disks have become outdated and replaced within most devices.

An SSD is about three times as expensive as a hard disk drive, but it’s worth the cost because of its reliability and speed.

The best external hard drives: What to consider

When purchasing an external hard drive, there are many things to consider. The size of the hard drive, for example, is important. External hard drives range in size from 500 GB to 4 TB and they vary in price. Choosing the right one means understanding how much data you want to store on it and what you will be using it for.

Purchasing an external hard drive is one of the best ways to protect your digital information from accidents that could lead to data corruption or loss.

Now, nothing will fix it as much as replacing a slow hard drive with a solid-state drive. The big problem is that these storage devices are usually very expensive, especially the more space you need.



An M1 Mac Can’t Boot from an External Drive If Its Internal Drive Is Dead?

Answer. Apple has started using SSDs in some of its computers.

When you have an M1 Mac with an external hard drive, it is possible to boot from the external hard drive if the internal hard drive is dead.

This process can be done by switching your computer and holding down the Option key. This should bring up a list of available drives, where you can select your external one to boot from.

How to install windows on mac m1

Answer. This article is going to teach you how to install windows on mac.

The tutorial will use virtualization software called parallels. For this tutorial we’ll be using a MacBook pro that has osx installed and a pc with windows 8.1 installed on it.

The first step is to download parallels from the apple app store. The next step is to download the windows installation iso file from Microsoft’s wesit and then rename it as WINDOWS 8.1 PRO INSTALLER (64-BIT), which you can do by Right-clicking on the file name, then choosing “Get Info” and then renaming it in the title field for Windows 8.1 PRO INSTALLER (64-BIT)

Can m1 mac run bootcamp?

Answer. Bootcamp is a program that helps people learn how to develop applications for Apple’s OS X and iOS operating systems. It is designed to teach people the basics of programming in the languages C, Objective-C, and Swift. The program is intended for an audience with no prior programming experience.

It will depend on the age of your MacBook and the type of laptop you have. If your MacBook is from 2015 or earlier, it will not be able to run bootcamp because those computers did not have a powerful enough processor and graphics card. If you have a newer computer (2016 or newer), it’s likely that the program will run without any issue as long as you also have at least 8 GBs of RAM in your computer.

How to factory reset mac m1

If you are having trouble with your Mac, try the following steps.

1. Press and hold the power button until you see a dialog box appear on your screen. Click “Restore”

2. Select the backup of your computer and click “Restore” again

3. Click Continue

If you are having trouble with your Mac, try the following steps.

1. Press and hold the power button until you see a dialog box appear on your screen. Click “Restore”

2. Select the backup of your computer and click “Restore” again

3. Click Continue

How to reset mac mini m1

The process to reset a mac mini m1 is the same as any other mac, so you will not need to follow a different process. The first thing you need to do is turn it off. Pick up your mac mini and hold down the power button for ten seconds until it goes dark. After that, unplug its power cord from the wall and wait for 10 minutes. Plug your mac mini back in and turn it on again.

What External Hard Drive Does Apple Recommend?

Apple doesn’t manufacture external hard drives that are compatible with Mac computers. They do, however, recommend a number of third-party HDs for purchase on their website.

There are many companies that make third-party hard drives to work with Apple’s machines. These include Seagate, Western Digital and OWC (Other World Computing).

The consumer can use the following criteria to narrow down their choice: storage capacity, interface type and form factor/size.

Will hard drives have formatted for PC work on a Mac?

No. Hard drives formatted for PC are not compatible with Mac computers. That is why it is important to know which type of computer you have so you can get the right hard drive.

Some people may think that they can use a hard drive formatted for PC with a Mac, but that isn’t true. Hard drives formatted for PCs cannot be used on Macs because the two operating systems are different and incompatible.

Is 256GB with an external HDD enough for the MacBook Pro M1 I m a graphic design student

256GB of space is enough for most people’s needs. However, it’s important to know how much space you really need. If you’re storing anything sensitive, you may want to consider a higher capacity SSD.

If anything, a 256GB SSD should be more than enough for the average graphic design student and any other student who is just using their MacBook Pro mostly for school-related work.

You have a lot of options when it comes to the storage on your MacBook Pro. You can either choose the standard SSD or the larger capacity, more robust SSD that has an external HDD storage option as well.

What is the difference between an M1 and an M2 SSD hard drive?

M1 and M2 SSDs are a type of storage device that stores data in flash memory.

The difference between the M1 and M2 SSD is their size. The M2 is smaller than the M1 because it only uses one chip in the design.

As we discussed, an SSD hard drive stores data in flash memory. There are two types of SSDs: an M1 and an M2. The main difference between these two types of devices is their size; the M2 being smaller than its counterpart, the M1.

The main difference between these two types of devices is their size; the M2 being smaller than its counterpart, the M1.

Is an external SSD faster than an internal HDD

An external SSD is usually faster than an internal HDD because of its higher performance and responsiveness. This is due to the external card’s ability to achieve speeds up to 500 MB/s, which is 2-3 times higher than the performance of a 3.5″ internal hard drive (which typically ranges from 200-280 MB/s).

In addition, an external SSD has a lot more connectivity options and it provides better data security because it does not have any moving parts that can break down.

How do you move apps to an external hard drive on a Mac?

Users often have to move apps to an external hard drive on a Mac for various reasons. These reasons include upgrading their Mac or upgrading the hard drive that has the apps on it. There are different ways of moving an app from one place to another, and this includes using Finder or using command line options.

There are many things you need to do before you start moving your apps by any of these methods. One of them is taking a backup of your data, so that if anything goes wrong with the process, you will still be able to restore your data in case there is anything wrong with the app’s files and settings.

When moving an app or games from one hard drive to another, it is crucial that they are all properly backed up in case something goes wrong during the process,

Can I connect external HDD to MacBook Air?

Connecting an external HDD to MacBook Air is only possible if the CPU has been upgraded to the latest generation.

The standard HDD usually comes with a SATA II interface and cannot be connected to MacBook Air without an upgrade. However, you can connect a 3.5-inch internal drive by using USB or Thunderbolt cable.

Why can’t I use my external hard drive with my MacBook?

You may see the external hard drive as a storage device for your MacBook. However, there are cases when we can’t use it with our MacBooks. The issue is that many Macs have built in hardware that doesn’t support external drives.

External hard drives are usually designed for USB 3.0, which is a standard supported by most of the computers and Apple devices. With the recent release of USB-C, more and more devices are supporting this new standard. This has made it possible to connect an external hard drive to an Apple laptop or computer with ease.

If you’re using an older Mac, you might not have the necessary USB-C ports to run an external hard drive. In order to use your external hard drive on these computers, it might be necessary for you to buy a converter or adaptor to connect the device.

Should I reformat a Lenovo 1TB USB External Hard drive F310S for Mac?

As the technology advances, we are seeing a rise in data. It is possible to store more and more data on our devices with the ever-increasing capacity of these devices. However, it can also be wasteful if you are not careful with your storage.

Storage solutions like hard drives that come with the option to reformat allow us to take advantage of our investment and avoid future wastage by getting rid of unwanted data.

If you’re looking for an external hard drive that’s as efficient as it is stylish, then look no further than the Lenovo F310S 1TB USB External Hard Drive. With its sleek design, this external hard drive comes in three different colors: black, blue and red. It’s backed by a 3-year warranty and an amazing transfer speed – up to 2GB

My Mac won’t mount my external hard drive anymore after it accidentally unplugged how can I fix this?

If your Mac has trouble mounting an external hard drive after the device was accidentally unplugged, it is likely that you may have lost access to your files.

To resolve this issue, you can use a third-party software like Disk Utility.

How can I fix my Mac not recognizing my WD external hard drive?

If your Mac doesn’t recognize your WD external hard drive, the first thing you should do is make sure it’s properly connected. There are two different cables that come with the WD hard drive – one for power and one for data.

The USB-C cable is used for data transfer and not power. If the external hard drive is not recognized because it’s not properly connected, try swapping out the USB cable for a new one.

If this doesn’t work, you can try to reset your Mac by pressing Command+Option+P+R on startup to force a restart of the computer or hold down Option when turning on your Mac.

Is it possible to run programs from an external hard drive on a MacBook?How can I use my external hard drive for both Mac and PC?

If you have a Windows PC and a Mac, you may want to use your external hard drive for both computers. This is because the file format that your external hard drive uses will be compatible with both operating systems.

If you have a Windows PC and Mac, there are two ways that you can use your external hard drive for both operating systems: You can format the USB drive in Disk Utility on Mac to HFS+ and then mount it on the Windows PC as an external hard disk or use Apple’s Disk Utility to reformat the USB drive in HFS+ to an Apple-compatible file system.

You should also note that if you are using your external hard disk with other devices such as mobile phones, tablets, or gaming consoles, it will not work if it is formatted for one operating


Many people have trouble running programs from their external hard drives on the MacBook, but it can be done. There are a few steps that you need to follow in order to make your MacBook compatible with your external hard disk.

It is possible to use an external hard drive on a MacBook, but it’s not completely supported by the macOS. There are some limitations that you need to be aware of before trying this out. The external hard drive and the MacBook must be connected via a USB cable before any of these steps can begin.

How can I use my external hard drive for both Mac and PC?

To use your external hard drive on both a Mac and a PC, you need to connect the hard drive to both computers and then create a partition between the two.

The external hard drive has not been designed for this use and support for this setup is mostly limited.

External Hard Drives are designed to be used with one computer only so if you want to use your external hard drive with two different computers, you first need to get an internal hard drive enclosure that supports USB 3.0 connection.

Can you run apps from an external hard drive on a Mac?

This is a common question because the answer might seem like no. However, there is a way to run apps from an external hard drive on a Mac.

The first step is to disconnect the external hard drive and connect it to your computer using an appropriate cable that will fit your Mac.

The next step is to find the Disk Utility app on the Utilities folder in your Applications folder, which can be found by opening Finder and navigating to “Applications”. From there, you can click on “Utilities” at the top-left corner of the window and navigate through them until you find Disk Utility.

After launching Disk Utility, you’ll need to start up from a recovery disk in order for it to work properly with your external hard drive. If this disk doesn’t exist for some

Can you use any external hard drive for Mac?

There are a lot of different external hard drives for Mac and you should know which one to use.

External hard drives come in all shapes, sizes, and price points. But the one most people want is the external SSD. The SSD offers fast read/write speeds and is highly reliable across a wide array of systems.

An external hard drive can be more expensive than an internal drive but it’s worth it because you can get a lot more storage for the same price with an external HDD or SSD.

How do I transfer everything from my Mac to an external hard drive?

This is an excellent question that many people ask themselves when they decide to upgrade or change their computer. This guide will have the answer for you.

* Making sure your external hard drive is compatible.

* Connecting your Mac to the external hard drive.

* Transferring your files and folders from Mac to the external hard drive.

People who use a Seagate external hard drive, how has your experience been?

There are plenty of benefits to using an external hard drive over a traditional internal hard drive. For some, it helps them gain more storage space and for others, it allows them to have two external hard drives instead of one.

When you use an Seagate external hard drive, you’ll be able to take advantage of these benefits and see your storage as a whole expand.

Why isn’t my external hard rice showing up on my Mac?

External hard drives are external storage devices that can also be used like an external keyboard, mouse, or even as a network drive. But if your Mac is having trouble recognizing the external hard drive you might have a variety of problems.

External hard drives are especially useful on Mac computers because they can be used as an external keyboard and mouse, but sometimes these drives go unnoticed by the Mac computer in question. The most common issue is that the Mac is not recognizing the USB device or it doesn’t recognize the OS X software required to use it.

One easy way to fix this issue would be reinstalling OS X and then updating all of your drivers from within Disk Utility.

How can I get MAC to read my external hard drive?

If you are having an external hard drive that has been corrupted, there are a few things you can do to try and get it to work. You can try reformatting, or if that doesn’t work, you can try getting it to read in a different file system.

The first thing is to start by making sure that your computer is compatible with your external hard drive. If the external hard drive is not compatible with Windows 10, then try using a different operating system like MAC OS X or Linux.

For reformatting, you will first need to save all of the files off of the external hard drive in their original format. Next you will need to connect the external hard drive to a USB 3 port on your computer and select “Recover”.

How to Format External Hard Drive for Mac Bangla!! (MS Dos or Ex Fat?

Formatting external drives for Mac is a really easy process that can be done in minutes.

Formatting External Drives for Mac:

1. Connect the external hard drive to your computer using an USB cord.

2. On your desktop, you will see an icon that looks like an external disk drive with an orange circle on it, open this icon and it will show a list of all the drives connected to the computer.

3. Right-click on the drive you want to format and select “Format.” This will start formatting the drive so make sure you’ve backed up your data before proceeding with formatting.

4. Once formatting is done, reconnect the drive to your computer again and it should automatically mount as a new drive letter in Finder (make sure this is connected via USB

How to use an external hard drive on both Linux and Mac OS?

An external hard drive is a device that you can use to share files between multiple devices. You can also use it as an extra storage space for your computer.

There are different ways to connect your external hard drive to your computer. Some of these methods require using software, while others require physical connections.

If you want to connect an external hard drive on Linux, the most straightforward approach is using USB connections and mounting the device on a directory in your home folder or on the main system volume where you can then access all its content from there.

In case of Mac OS, you need to connect your external hard drive via FireWire (or Thunderbolt) port and then mount it on a directory in the main system volume so that you can access all its content from there:

Why are my external hard drives not working on my m1 MBA?

The m1 MBA is designed to be compatible with a wide array of hard drives. However, there are some instances where the drive might be incompatible with the computer.

If you have an external hard drive that is not working on your m1 MBA, few things may have affected the working of the drive:

– The file system on your external drive is not compatible with the OS you are running on your notebook.

– There is something wrong with the hardware and firmware of your USB port or cable connecting it to your computer.


The best portable SSD is the one that meets your specific needs. SSDs are used because they can store a lot of data, and it is also very fast. The Best SSD External Hard Drive for MAC M1 should be able to withstand rough handling and tough conditions.

They should have quality encryption as well as backup software, so that when you lose your device or it gets stolen, all your data will be safe.

My Recommended Top Best SSD External Hard Drive for MAC M1

1.SAMSUNG T5 Portable SSD 2TB

2-Seagate Barracuda Fast SSD 1TB

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