Blackmagic 6K is one of the most popular Blackmagic products. This recorder is notable for its ability to capture HD movies and 4K videos. However, it is also quite common for 6K record files to get lost or corrupted. So, if you want to delete the files on the Blackmagic 6K, then follow these simple steps. Follow these steps one by one.

How to delete files on Blackmagic 6k?

Step 1: Connect your Blackmagic 6K recorder to your computer
Step 2: Download and install the Blackmagic Disk Speed Test download link
Step 3: Launch the Blackmagic Disk Speed Test on your computer
Step 4: Click the button “Start Test”
Step 5: Go to “Utilities”, “Secure Erase”, “Erase medium”, then click “OK”
Step 6: When prompted, select the storage location.
Step 7: Click “OK”
Step 8: Wait for the Blackmagic 6K to be formatted.
Step 9: Select “Erase Now” from the Blackmagic Disk Speed Test main screen.
Step 10: Select “Yes” when prompted.
Step 11: Click “OK”.
Step 12: Then select “Erase”.
Step 13: When prompted, select “Yes” to overwrite the disk.
Step 14: Wait for a few minutes.
Step 15: Safely disconnect your Blackmagic 6K from your computer.

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