Top 3 Akaso 4k cameras [2022]

People are now getting very confused that what type of camera is suitable for them? They get fascinating and bit confused to see some series and models in the market.

If you are looking for the best pro camera at low prices, then Akaso 4k camera is worth to test. All you need is to browse the entire camera market you will see that Akaso is the best 4k camera for vlogging and shooting. This is the best camera but doesn’t have same bells and whistles like GoPro.

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On the other hand, it is a best and surprisingly camera for action shooting. Further, we will discuss some outstanding models that can blow your mind. All the new Akaso series comes with a waterproof body and provide 4K video shooting effect.

New series of Akaso 4K camera models:

The packaging material of Akaso is good enough which is look like GoPro. To beat all the low-cost cameras, Akaso Company provides various high-quality features in their shooting cameras.

In this article, we show you three best cameras which can be used for multiple purposes of shooting. All the models comprise with the waterproof housing and made with the same mounting system like others expensive cameras. Series of Akaso shoots 4K high-quality videos and capture 12MP photos.

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Features provided in Akaso 4k camera:

  • Time-lapse Photos
  • 12 MP high-quality photos shoot
  • WIFI & HDMI building connection
  • Longer Battery Life
  • Sports with wireless remote control
  • Provide up to 30 frames in one second
  • Durable and portable body

Top 3 Akaso 4K cameras of 2018

1)    AKASO EK7000 4K Wi-Fi Sports camera

Check On Amazon 7 1 - Top 3 Akaso 4k cameras [2022]Akaso EK 4700 is a sports camera which is capable of capturing high-quality 4K resolution images and videos. It provides high 4K resolution at 25 fps rate or the footage resolution of 30 fps.

Akaso sports camera can take an excellent and classic 12 MP photographs with high zoom in and out a system. With the new 2.4G remote control system you can shoot 30 frames in one second.

In these 30 frames, you can record videos and control vast distance. You can now get Akaso 4K camera at affordable price.

Now put the paddle on the edges of innovation and technologies and get all in one best shooting camera. Buy this new model and Get one USB Cable, AC Charger and one Lens Cloth for free.

None other than this you can also get excited expenditures like 5 Tethers and one Protective Backdoor without any cost.


specifications of Akaso EK7000

  • Provide Remote Control of 1x 2.4G
  • have 2x 1050mAh Batteries
  • Waterproof Case and LCD
  • provide one external Bicycle Stand
  • Offer total 7 Mounts and two clips
  • Ultra HD Action Camera
  • 2.4G Wireless Remote Control
  • Longer Battery Life With external 2 Batteries
  • Built-In HDMI and WIFI

2) Akaso EK5000 Sports camera

Check On Amazon 3 1 1 - Top 3 Akaso 4k cameras [2022]Akaso EK5000 sports camera is a new Akaso 4K camera which is small size camera and allows a broad view of capturing. It is a best 4k camera for YouTube and available in the worldwide market.

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You can take high-quality images with your Smartphone and remotely access all the image settings with one click. This camera designed with large LCD waterproof screen of 2inch.

Akaso EK5000 camera allows you to see all the captured images and videos without any issues. It is high-quality 12MP cameras which provide high-quality video resolution for up to 1080p/30fps. Through this, you can get a perfect opportunity to see all the content whenever you need to view them.


specifications of Akaso EK5000

  • 19 fascinating accessories which include two rechargeable batteries
  • Waterproof case
  • Captures stunning 1080P 30fp videos and images
  • Provide 170° ultra wide angle
  • 2″ LCD screen
  • Free HDMI and Wi-Fi outputs
  • Micro SD card with maximum support of 32GB
  • Provide real-time viewfinder

3) Akaso brave4 4K camera

Check On Amazon 6 1 - Top 3 Akaso 4k cameras [2022]Akaso brave 4 is an action camera and has the wide range of features which can blow your mind to get it in your hands. It is useful for outdoor shooting, and because of its waterproof body, you can quickly shoot in underwater.

An athlete who loves to do cycling, skiing, snorkeling, climbing, Hiking, and diving would like to buy this small tiny camera because of its ultra-fast zoom in quality.

Now you can feel the exact view in those handy cameras and capture bundle of breathtaking images and videos with 4K resolution effect. It has adjustable view angles’ and has ultimate loop recording opportunity for all the divers.

With the anti-shaking ability, you don’t need to hold on while cycling to take pictures. The recording time of this camera is about 90 minutes with 1080p resolution. You can get this high-quality camera from many online stores at affordable and sale prices.


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specification of Brave 4

  • Waterproof body
  • Provide connectivity ports for HDMI and Wi-Fi
  • Provide 20 x zoom in quality
  • Integrated with CMOS sensor
  • 2 Li-ion batteries with rechargeable port
  • Provide video resolution of 20MP
  • Anti-shaking feature
  • Optimal view angle
  • Free valuable 19 accessories
  • Remote control
  • Provide up to 25 frames in one second
  • Durable and portable body

Final verdict:

All the series of a camera designed with the latest Wi-Fi technologies which allow you to connect various devices instantly. You can share photos and videos through a wireless network.

If you need to buy an affordable and perfect camera for daily use, then you must take a chance to buy this incredible camera. Akaso 4K camera specially designed for sportsman and those hikers who live their lives in a mountainside.

All of these models praised with new technologies and provide a wide range of creative features.

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