Best Yi 4k camera reviews [2019]

People nowadays want to get a high-quality camera for HD shooting. They all are well known of the GoPro camera, and with its vast success, many other companies tend to create more advanced camera than GoPro.

Yi 4K camera is same as GoPro but has extra features. Yi camera models made under the Korean company name Xiaomi. The front end and the style s bit similar to the GoPro camera but when it comes to working and specification, people get more great features in it. It has the ultimate power of waterproof housing which is unpredictable.

It can shoot images and videos at the same speed of Hero4. Now you can get the exciting featured model at an affordable price. It has more responsive futures then GoPro.

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Now you don’t have to buy expensive GoPro camera all you need is to get a new Yi camera and feel the glance of new generation technology. It has a compact streamline and classy body which looks fit in your hand. Further, we will discuss Yi Features.

Features provided by Yi 4K camera

  • Provide UHD 4K Video at 30 fps
  • Provide a video resolution of 1080p for up to 240 fps
  • 12MP Photos effect in 30 fps Burst Mode
  • Wide angle of the glass lens
  • Automatic camera distortion correction of lens
  • Image electronic stabilization
  • Dual-Band Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Photo and Video Time-Lapse system
  • 2.19″large LCD Touchscreen with is made with Gorilla Glass
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
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Comparison with GoPro

We know that GoPro is the best but the most expensive camera found all over the world. This camera beat all the records of pricing but provides ultimate fast features as compared to Samsung and other models.

Yi is one of the best professional and streamlines body camera which beats all the records of GoPro. If you talk about its pricing, then the pricing is extremely low as compared to GoPro.

And if you talk about the features, then Yi 4k camera provides more than 15 features which are not yet offered by any other model. Yi 4K is an action camera which helps you to capture the entire adventurous shoot at the resolutions of 4K.

It is fun and easy to use this tiny black stylish camera. Now you don’t need to waste your money and grab this model in your hand quickly.
None other than its feature it also combines all the next generation image sensors and Dual core processor of Ambarella.

This dual processor supports 4K video at the resolution of 120 fps. GoPro only provide 12MP resolution ate for capturing a picture, but Yi 4K camera offers the resolution of 12MP which burst up to 30fps.

It has a single control button which gives the camera a natural look. This control button is used for controlling the wile interface, or you can also control the camera setting with the smartphone.

  • Video playback system is snappy even if you view the videos on your mobile phone
  • It provides a clear playback view even in very low latency
  • Provide the ultimate fast, quick setup. You can also link it with all the devices like mobile phone
  • Impressive handling of impact and shaking
  • Provide Impressive load and boot times
  • GoPro camera is inexpensive but provides high-quality features
  • Image stabilizing feature activated at the higher resolution of 1080p
  • Reliable and super fast Wi-Fi connection
  • Camera touch display delivers a rich quality of the video
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  • Video view is not so wide
  • Audio and video output could be better
  • Have excessive lens distortion
  • The contrasting feature of the video is less than all other models
  • Doesn’t have waterproof housing like all other models
  • No memory card included
  • Very difficult to access the SD card slot

Turn over to Yi 4k+ camera

Best Wireless Security Cameras 3 1 - Best Yi 4k camera reviews [2019]After the massive success of Yi 4k camera, Xiaomi Company thinks to upgrade all the features by introducing new technologies in it. The company presents new YI 4K+ camera model for their customer.

The purpose of this new model is to provide a unique image capturing feature of 60 fps to the whole world. In the previous model of Yi the camera gives only 30 frame rate in one sec, but in this plus model, the Yi 4K+ has twice frame rates. Through the use of new Yi 4K+ camera, you can upgrade your world.
This new plus model uses the advanced H2 Ambarella Soc technology of video encoding.

It utilises a significant upgrade which is precisely provided for those people who love to make long videos and vlogs. This new model consumes less power and offers 4K HD video effect with high performance. In the previous Yi 4K camera there is no voice command technology used. In Yi 4k+ model a new feature of hands-free control introduced for all those users who love to ride or climb and want to capture the snaps while playing games.

Final verdict:

If you are tired of every camera but doesn’t get any exciting feature you are looking for then the waiting time is over. Now you can get this sleek look Yi 4K camera at the better price. This all rounded camera provide you ultimate features and free accessories that can blow your mind.

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It is a professional 4K camera made for those users who are tired of all other low-quality camera but doesn’t have much money to buy GoPro. It is same like Hero4 but provides you with an ultimate high technology feature which is built-in with new generation chips and sensors. The ultimate goal of this camera is to offer you maximum versatility, fidelity, and easiness.

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